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The Benefits of Home Baking

There are a number of benefits to baking and cooking at home, and the motivations are different for each person. Here are the most common advantages to baking at home:

Real Ingredients

Baking at home ensures that you are aware of exactly what is in your food. No more 15-letter chemeicals listed in the ingredients, leaving you wondering what you are really eating. Choose your own ingredients, shop local, and cater to dietary restrictions.

Lifelong Skill

Everyone needs to eat. Learning to bake and cook at home will ensure that you are never at the mercy of Uber Eats for a delicious meal or snack. Instill the importance of learning to prepare your own food in your younger family members, and build your own skills while teaching others.

Save Money

Who doesn't love saving money? Preparing food at may seem expensive up-front, but establishing staples in your home will ultimately save you money.

Stocking Your KitchenBaking 101

There are not a lot of supplies needed to get started, however, there are a few essentials. Use this list to help stock your kitchen. Remember, start with the essentials, and work your way up to more specialized equipment. Unless you are a professional baker, there is also no need to spend a lot of money on basic supplies.

Baking Equipment

  • Mixing Bowls - a variety of sizes is great, but a 5-quart bowl is perfect for mixing cakes and cookies.
  • Spoon or Spatula - for mixing ingredients. It is still great to have a few on hand, even if you are using an electric mixer.
  • Balloon Whisk - for adding air to mixtures that need volume (eg. whipped cream, meringue, etc.)
  • Baking Pans - there are endless sizes, designs, and material options on the market. New bakers should start with a flat baking tray (around 18x13 inches) which is ideal for cookies, and a round pan (8x2 inches) for cakes. Add a 12-cup muffin tray if you are interested in baking muffins or cupcakes.
  • Pan Liners - to prevent food from sticking. Silicon mats are great for cookies (and for the environment!), while parchment paper is every baker's best friend for ensuring a non-stick surface.
  • Scale - for weighing ingredients.
  • Measuring Cups - you may have heard people say "cooking is an art, baking is a science". Bakers require specific measurements to ensure a great result. If you do not have a scale, measuring cups are a essential to have on hand.

Pantry Essentials

  • Flour - all purpose flour is a great place to start.
  • Sugar - it's great to have white and brown on hand.
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Vanilla - real is best, but can be expensive, so imitation works just as well!
  • Mixins - think chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Time to Bake!

Now you have you essentials organized, it's time to get baking! Start with the basics, develop your skills, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts! We recommend starting with Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, or even a Vanilla Layer Cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Try your hand at these classic ooey, gooey, chocoloate chip cookies.

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vanilla cake
Vanilla Layer Cake

An easy, delicious crowd-pleaser. Perfect for beginners!

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challah bread
Challah Bread

A classic, beautiful braided bread.

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